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Fair Oaks receives new grant

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Kim Slayton, librarian at Fair Oaks, co-wrote a collaborative grant with Corinne Schofield, art teacher. They were recently awarded a second HEF grant that will support a school-wide gardening experience to improve the courtyard, a local artist painting a wall mural, and purchasing books for all students.


Steven K. Smith visits Longdale ES

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For the past few months, students and teachers at Longdale Elementary School have been reading books from the Virginia Mysteries series, written by Steven K. Smith. The  author spoke with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at Longdale last week. They talked about what makes a great book, the importance of editing, and the historical places he chose for the settings  in his books.  A trivia contest was held the week before, with winners receiving personally autographed copies of the books.


Finding a “Just Right” book

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Second grade students at Longdale Elementary School wrote scripts and created videos to teach classmates about choosing a “just right” book in the library. This is one example of their fabulous work!

Coding the Continents

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In last Thursday’s library lesson, the students in Ms. Parrish’s 2nd grade class at Montrose Elementary were provided with a template that has the map of the world and two sprites, one to show the continents and one to show the oceans. They logged into their Scratch accounts and remixed the template.  The students programmed the alligator to move to the different continents and say where they were located. As a follow up, students can program the diver to move to the five different oceans.


Henrico Reading Warriors Visit Ratcliffe ES

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Last week, Henrico High School librarian, Christina Thrasher, arranged for her Henrico Reading Warriors to come to Ratcliffe Elementary School to read holiday stories to the students. About 20 football players along with their coach came. They went to each classroom and were greeted by surprised and mesmerized students. The students and teachers really enjoyed their visit and these young men were such strong reading role models for our students. Kudos to Christina for having this program available

Group pic--Henrico HS reading warriors  HHS Wide Receiver reading to 1st grade