Brooke Davis named 2015 VAASL James Region L.O.Y.

Brooke Davis named 2015 VAASL James Region L.O.Y.


Congratulations to Brooke Davis, librarian at Varina High School, for winning the 2015 Virginia Association of School Librarians (VAASL) James Region Librarian of the Year.   She was presented the award at the VAASL James Region March 11th spring conference at J. Sargent Reynolds Community College.  The James Region consists of 19 counties in central and south central Virginia as well as the City of Richmond.

Brooke was one 18 Librarians nominated for the award and was nominated by her principal, Ann Marie Seely.  Jackie Breidenbach, librarian at Redd Elementary School (Richmond Public Schools) and the presenter of the award, stated “It was a daunting task to work our way through all 18 very highly qualified contenders.” Brooke was the unanimous selection for the award.  She serves as a member on her school leadership team and advocacy committee and is active within VAASL, serving in various capacities.

The theme of the conference this year was “The Library: the Heart of the School” and one would be hard pressed to find a librarian that exemplifies this motto better than Brooke.  One of her references referred to Brooke as the “center of the Library” just as the library is the center of the school.  Breidenbach stated “Since this teacher took control of the library in her school, book circulation has tripled, library visits have soared, and she continues to generate interest in the library by using monthly contests, reading promotion programs with light refreshments, and even getting the student book club to take part in developing ideas for things and events that would bring in other, more reluctant readers.”  She also quoted a Varina student’s essay on the importance of the library in their high school experience, “I sum up my high school career in one sentence, ‘I lived in the Library’.”

Briedenbach also highlighted how Brooke was able to transform an old library into a premiere school library program, reaches out to all students and staff at the school and uses grants, book exchanges and donations to improve the library.  She sums it up like this: “she has worked hard to promote the library by examining the needs of this particular school and determining how best to promote the library in a way to meet those needs.”


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