Crestview hatches chicks

Crestview hatches chicks

Crestview Elementary School is currently a remake of The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens. Everyone is “a buzz about fuzz”. Only theirs is the fuzz of tiny chicks! It started with a simple life cycle project with PreK-second grade. Research was done through PebbleGo and other resources, Pixies and other projects were made, and then live animals were ordered. They started with caterpillars (easy) and ladybugs (easier). These lovely insects were released on Earth Day into the school’s Learning Garden. Most grade levels attended and our flying friends did not disappoint! Then the project instantly got bigger with the idea of chickens. The librarian, Kristen Cross, found a local (Gum Springs) hatchery that had fertilized eggs on hand. After a quick trip to the farm and an incubator order through Amazon they were the proud owners of 6 eggs. Incubation time for the eggs was a long, long, long 21 days. J On day 20, they heard the much anticipated sound of cheeping through the eggs and a few even cracked open. By day 21 they had 4 little chicks and the school even got to watch #4 hatch live! Unfortunately 2 of them did not make it, but we discussed during every class that some may not be “chicken” eggs, they may be the “eggs you eat” so there were no hard feelings or disappointment. Luckily these little guys are tough and have been touched and poked by 451 little fingers. They will be leaving next week to join a farm in New Kent County where we will receive updates. All in all, it was an amazing experience for everyone!


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