Seusstacular at Mehfoud ES

Seusstacular at Mehfoud ES

We love all of the work that our teacher librarians do and below is an example of a great event that was planned for Mehfoud Elementary.

“We [Mefoud] just had our big Dr. Seuss event on Friday, March 4, 2016.  Seusstacular is a whole school yearly event that involves our boys and girls rotating in and out of the library with a passport to engage in various fun and stimulating stations.  Stations include: differentiated math skills, reading skills, technology skills, art skills, library skills and more.  I always make sure we have a Kindness Station to go along with our MindUP Program.  We partner each year with BE A NOBLE KID for this station.   Another favorite part of our event is a movement piece where whole classes go into the gym for a Dance Party with the “Dancing Angels” (as our students call them – 2 of Henrico’s ITRTs).  I could not do this event without the support and flexibility of  Mehfoud’s faculty and staff as well as all of our volunteers who help to run the stations. Volunteers include retired teachers, parents, HCPS ITRTs, and staff members.   A big shout out to Mehfoud’s ITRT, Julie Smith, who helps to organize the technology stations and the technology trainers! It’s a fun and exciting day for our boys and girls and a great way to celebrate us all being readers during Read Across America Week.”

Deanna Pollard, Proud Teacher Librarian at Mehfoud Elementary School


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