What’s So Special About Salt Water Pool

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Beach Salt Water Pool

Salt water pool are gaining ground gradually chlorinated pools. No wonder, because truth is that they have endless benefits, both economic and for health of swimmer are you thinking of betting on salt chlorinators in your domestic pool? Do not you just see it clear? We offer you all information you need to take step.

How do saltwater pools work?

Salt water pools used chlorinators, devices that are integrated into filtration system. Once salt chlorinator is installed in purification system, it will dilute from 4 to 6 kilos of salt per m3. When water passes through electrodes, it will turn into sodium hypochlorite, killing any type of organic matter contained in water. After this, it will be transformed into salt again.

Saltwater pools, an ecological option

Before talking about any other type of advantage, it is good to know that saltwater pools are frankly ecological. Passage from salt to hypochlorite and vice versa is completely clean, ecological and respectful of nature. If you are one of those who care about environment, without doubt this type of pool will end up convincing you.

Savings in maintenance of salty water pools

Perhaps one of most striking advantages is considerable savings in maintenance of saltwater pools. Consumption of chemical product is greatly reduced because process of conversion of salt into sodium hypochlorite is sufficient, in addition, by automating process you will also save in working hours. Keep in mind that water evaporates, but salt does not. You will only have losses of salt when leaving and entering pool, being same minimum. If you use water without too much lime and you have a good system maintenance will be almost nil. Thus, measurements will only be made to make sure that everything is working correctly a couple of times during summer season.

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Benefits in health

Yes, saltwater pools are also good for your health. Water is much softer and less aggressive skin in chlorinated pools. Skin does not itch nor will reddening of eyes take place. In addition, it also protects hair better, does not damage bathroom linen and makes tan more natural.

Other options for chlorine-free pools

Although saltwater pools are convincing, there are other options on market that you can take into account. For example, you have water purifiers, which can be electric or solar energy.  They reduce chlorine by up to 80%, killing bacteria and algae by electrolysis. You can also opt for bromine or ultraviolet disinfection, which is system used in most spas.

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